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Red Rabbit
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Red Rabbit

Gesso with a "G"

When you work in communications, the bar is pretty high when it comes to creating your own identity. Ours began in a grocery store and came to life at a farmer’s market. Which makes the Red Rabbit hardly surprising – down to earth, industrious, and kind of wily. Yup, that’s us.

What we do

  • interactive and new media
  • graphic design
  • traditional advertising
  • identity and brand development
  • collateral

The Done Me Wrongs

While the Done Me Wrongs managed to capture our hearts, it wasn't enough. So while our favourite band has unfortunately disbanded, their site lives on. Recognized by Applied Arts, the Done Me Wrongs truly was a labour of love, allowing us to flex our creative and technology muscles. Crazy sharp in design, the site still stands as one of our proudest achievements, and testament to what can occur when music, design, and a good dose of bourbon meet.

Status Of Women

We've had the priviledge of working on a number of projects for the Nova Scotia Advisory Council on the Status of Women. We started with a targeted micro-site for Immigrant Women, and eventually redesigned the Council's main site.

To meet the challenges of desiging and writing a site for a primiarily non-English speaking audience, we developed a system of icons to help with navigation and orientation. Keeping the design very simple and clean, we also wrote all text using plain language, presenting a very inviting, yet straightforward resource for newcomers to Nova Scotia.

The recent redesign of the main site needed to clarify the difference between the Status of Women, and the Council. It also needed to highlight the work and acomplishments of both, using more of a show, don't tell approach. Today, the site is a testament to both the Council's hard work and women throughout Nova Scotia.


When we originally worked with ActionHero, they were a brand new start-up offering web-based project management software. In fact, the software was still in the midst of development. This gave us a great opportunity to start from scratch, developing the identity and mapping out the direct to consumers web site. They've been through a lot of changes through the years, but we like to think we helped them start with a strong foundation.


DNR Woodlot

The Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources offers an excellent comprehensive home study Woodlot Management program. When they came to us, the content for the program had been put online, but it lacked learning tools such as categorization, testing quizzes and user accounts.

Working with the Department, we designed an orientation section, separated the content into appropriate chapters, installed quiz modules and created the ability for students to create accounts that managed and tracked progress.

Developed in Drupal, the project involved bringing over hundreds of pages of content and images, and ensuring the section fit within the overall look and feel and structure of the Provincial government. Now, not only can a member of the general public sign up to study online (first Drupal site in the government to to do so), they are made aware of the Department's numerous events and vibrant woodlot community. Thanks to drupal, all content can be easily updated in-house, including events, course content and quizzes.


Grand Pre Wines

Our good friends at AbleSense asked us to partner on the redesign and development of the Grand Pre Wines site. We would look after design, and they would develop. Grand Pre had grown as a destination and winery since their last site reiteration, so the focus was on product (wine) and the restaurant.

With a spot as beautiful as Grand Pre, the only solution was creating a site just as gorgeous and visually appealing. A combination of photography, styling and words created the mood, while the top banner and three-tiered promotion highlighted the various offerings. Ultimately, letting visitors know that yes, Grand Pre is a world-class maker of wines, and so much more.


Call For Bids

Over the years, we have delivered six Call for Bids websites for the Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board. Every bid contains a trememdous amount of complicated geological data, demanding a strict attention to detail and inituative organization. The most recent Bid was developed in Drupal, so now the Board will be able to manage the content and on-going updates in-house.



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